Here in South Africa we like free things, isn’t it?
Do you think that you would be able to go far with water to lubricate your car’s engine instead of oil? After all, water is free!
No you guested correct. Your engine will last for a while and then seize!
Well the same goes for your connection to the internet. By just connecting to the internet, you are exposed to viruses and other bad infections. And did you know that more than 75% of us thinks that you will only be infected if you visit bad websites? We use no anti-virus or a free one and expect to be safe. Well you are driving your car with water in the oil tank!
When you install an Anti-Virus like ESET NOD32, you can prevent viruses infecting you and slowing down your computer. You can upgrade to ESET Internet Security and be as safe as can be on the internet.
From R 299 per year, you can connect safely to the internet and you will be warned when you try to enter infected websites or try to open an infected email. You can even install ESET on your Android phone.
Be safe and smarter, make ESET your partner.
Mariusoft is a distributor of ESET Anti-Virus solutions. Email us today at if you want to be smart!
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