CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that you can run from your website. It is a smart database that contains information about your business, your clients and their employees.

Who knows the feeling when you call a business and inquire when your product will be delivered or when your problem will be solved? 99 % of the time they want to know who helped you. And 80% of the time you don’t know. At the end that person is either not there and no one can help you or you have to explain your story to someone else. It is so frustrating. Does your business work like that?

Well, I have great news then. There is a CRM system that will make your life a little easier. Not just yours, but also your customer’s. This system will store all the calls that were made, all the action that were taken, all the documents, appointments, quotations, invoices, well everything. Then, if someone has a question, anyone with the same security clearance can assist. Your complete sales team will have access to each others’s information. As information is changed, it is logged. So you will be able to see who did what and what was the outcome. You can also create campaigns with newsletters and emails, manage your projects and do surveys. The software has a build-in knowledge base and workflow. Even maps are provided that you can query to say for instance; give me a list of clients in a 25 km radius from an address.

This kind of system is useful for every business that sell products and services. This system is called Suite CRM. It is a service that can be installed by Mariusoft on your web hosting packages with us.

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